2021 has seen Riot take it to another level when it comes to Valorant skin bundles from the Lunar New York-themed Celestial skin bundle to the GO! Vol. 1 skin bundle, and now the Prime 2.0 arriving in store at the same time as the start of Episode 2 Act 2.
This is, of course, sequel of sorts to the original Prime skin bundle with v2.0 featuring skins for the Melee, Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom, and Odin. The skins boast while, gold, and blue hues and where the previous Prime collection took inspiration from sports cars, 2.0 looks to hypercars. Like the previous Prime collection they are reloaded with what appears to be shards of light. The collection also boasts a finisher animation of a bull throwing its target in the air before exploding. The collection includes a player card, spray and two gun buddies. Players have the option of purchasing each skin seperately or as part of a bundle.

When will Prime 2.0 be released?

Prime 2.0 comes out with the release of Episode 2 Act 2, which is on scheduled for release on the 2nd March.

What is included in Prime 2.0 and how much does it cost?

The skin collection, as mentioned before, contains five weapon skins, they are:
  • Melee
  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Phantom
  • Odin
As well as a player card, spray and two gun buddies. Purchased seperately the each cost costs 1,775 VP and 3,550 VP for the Melee. As a bundle it will cost 7,100 VP.

Prime 2.0 all skins

  There are also four variants of each skin. Everyone’s favourite leaker, @ValorLeaks, has given us a peak at how they will look. Here are the Phantoms.  

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