Riot Games is two new Valorant skin bundles called the Celestial skins and Anime skins. Scroll on to check out the collection and learn how much they cost.

Valorant is one of the biggest first-person tactical shooter games from Riot. The free-to-play hero shooter has seen rapid growth recently and it continues to grow bigger by the day. The development team behind the game has been consistent in its efforts to keep things fresh and add new content with timely updates. The gaming studio has added plenty of new items since launch, however, one of the biggest highlights is its range of premium quality weapon skins. These skins can be easily obtained by levelling up the latest Valorant Battle Pass or purchasing them from the in-game shop.  

Valorant Celestial bundle

Now, Riot Games is ready to drop a new skin bundle called the Celestial skins collection. The Valorant Celestial bundle will feature a total of five unique guns and a melee weapon. Here’s a look at the new Valorant skins collection which was first leaked by Valorant Leaks ~ Celestial Phantom (1775VP) ~ Celestial Ares (1775VP) ~ Celestial Frenzy (1775VP) ~ Celestial Judge (1775VP) ~ Celestial Melee (3550VP) Bundle Price: 7100VP It is expected that the bundle will be added to the game on a bi-weekly basis. The Valorant Celestial skins already have the fans excited, but that’s not enough. All the weapons in the bundle are premium quality; however, the Celestial Melee is clearly the most impressive skin you can have. It is also the costliest weapon in the bundle priced at 3550 VP as opposed to the rest that go for just 1775 VP individually. You can get the whole Celestial skins bundle for 7100 VP.

Valorant Anime skins

Riot Games is also bringing another set of skins in the game called the Anime Skins. The new Anime Skin bundle, also known as GO! Volume 1, has been inspired by the art of several playable characters in the game. The Valorant Anime Skins are just as glamorous and they include the following items:
  • Phantom (Inspired by Reyna)
  • Spectre (Inspired by Killjoy)
  • Guardian (Inspired by Cypher’s anime theme)
  • Ghost (Inspired by Sage)
  • Melee Knife (Inspired by Jett’s Ultimate ability)
Valorant is currently available only on the Windows PC platform. Gamers can also download the new Valorant patch update 2.03 which brings changes to agents like Reyna, Phoenix, and others.

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