Roblox Quick Login Feature- 2021

This new login feature will be available shortly for use. So, what it does is it will generate a code on the screen of an unknown device and that code needs to be entered on your logged-in device if you want to access the account on that device. This removes the hassle of entering your login details every time you want to log in to a new device.  

Roblox Quick Login Feature- How does it work?

To understand this properly, let us take an example-
Suppose you own an LG device in which you have your Roblox account logged in. Now, you bought a new phone, a Samsung device, and need to access your Roblox account on the Samsung device. So, instead of using the traditional login details id-password method, you can easily get access to your account on the Samsung device using Quick login. So, on the Samsung device, when you click on Quick Login, it will show you a code on the screen. Now, you need to enter this code on your LG device which has your Roblox account logged in.   After you’ve entered that code on your LG device, it will fetch the info of your account to the Samsung device as the code is connected to your Samsung device. Now, a human verification process will be initiated for you to check if you are a real person. Follow the steps and complete the verification process and you will have access to the account on your Samsung device. You can also take a look at this video by YouTuber, Realmistic for more clear understanding :  

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